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MMD introduces the new 2021 MINI GO 600 watt 48v Lithium Smart Electric Scooter. This is a powerful city scooter. Reach speeds up to 40 kmh .Front and rear LED lights, speedometer with battery life indicator, electric brakes, horn, front and rear suspension and has a very powerful 600 watt brushless hub motor built into the rear wheel which makes the scooter a complete free wheel kick scooter as there is no chain, which means no noise. This scooter has a very powerful 48 volt Lithium battery pack, which will allow you to get up to 40 kilometers per charge and powerful enough to climb the steepest hills

  • Available colors: Black and red
  • High Performance Lithium Battery Pack 48v
  • 600 watt brushless rear hub motor (no chain, complete free wheel)
  • Built-In Odometer, Speedometer, Battery Gauge
  • Lithium Charger
  • Front & Rear LED lights
  • Rear Dual Shocks (for smoother ride)
  • High Quality Front & Rear DISC Brakes
  • High Quality Tires with upgraded rims
  • Uses Hi-Tech 600 watt smart controller box
  • Rear fender that covers whole rear wheel